As a long time meditator (Zen practitioner) mindfulness pratices came naturally to me. I slowly incorporated more and more mindfulness techniques into my teaching.


But when I heard the data about how much mindfulness and meditation can improve a student’s learning abilities, I dove right in and even co-created the German foundation “Mindfulness in schools” to bring more and more children in contact with these great methods. Even if you do not practice meditation (although I would highly recommend you do!) I can teach you small tools that will help you and your child handling difficult situations, overwhelming moments and prevent so called “black-outs” in exams.


They can also make you and your child much more productive and even raise your IQ! (Quelle) 

Want my help?

I am currently adding more and more resources to this site an Instagram. Stay tuned for an all comprehensive online class soon. Until then you can book a phone consult here. 

Trust me, when you put energy into this problem,

things will change.