Hi, I'm Caroline!

I help parents and their children thrive in school 

Hey there!

Are school related subjects a reason for fighting in your home? Are you afraid of homework time? Do you feel like your child is having trouble concentrating?


I have helped countless students and parents to get back on track and create a peaceful and productive learning environment in their home, so that school work becomes joyful for both kids and their parents. 

What are they saying?

"Caroline is the Mary Poppins of tutoring and has helped our daughter thrive in school." 


Age groups

I work with school children from 6 to 15 years. In this time span their needs vary a lot,

to give you an idea, click on the respective age group

6 - 9 years

Congratulations! You have a schoolchild! Do you find that after a promising start at school, it suddenly has become hard? In this age group we try to keep learning as fun as possible.

10 - 12 years

Now that your child has grown it starts to do lots of things by himself. He wants to become more and more independent but somehow this independency has not reached the schoolwork yet.

13 - 15 years

Being a teenager can be tough. The whole brain is getting rewired and that often takes a toll on school performance. In this age group we focus on learning strategies and the most effective ways how your child can learn independently. 

How I Work

In order for you children to be successful learners I have established a 3 - step system


Step 1

Creating an optimal working environment


Children are ver suceptable to their surroundings and the atomsphere. They will only thrive in an atmosphere that meets their basic learning needs. I can help you build an environment in your home, that will foster optimal learning. We will work on how, when and where your child learns first. 

Step 2

Learning methods

Did you know that there are four different kinds of learners? Do you know which type you are? Maybe your child is a very different type than you and maybe his or her type does not work well with the way things are taught in school. I have seen children from failing to thriving in a matter of weeks, just because we changed the way they learn. I will help you to find out what type of learner your child is and then we will gather ideas how best to learn with him or her. 

Step 3

Giving responsibility back

Now that you’ve created an optimal work environment for your child and we know how your child learns best, it is time to give the responsibility back. I want you to be able to go back to your work. I will teach you how to gradually reduce your input by still coaching your kid from the sidelines, until your child is able to do all his schoolwork by himself/herself.

Want my help?

I am currently working on a fully comprehensive course on learn learning. If you need my help before it is finished, you can book a private consult here. 

We will have two phone consults and I will work out a personal learning plan for your particular situation. 


Has homework become a major issue in your family life? Have you caught yourself in finishing homework or doing whole projects for your kids? I bet you know that doing the work for them is only a short term solution. But what to do, when every word they need to write becomes a battle and the clock is ticking and you do not want them to get into trouble in school?


I am here to help and to offer tools how you can help your child gain back their responsibility for their work so that you have time to do your own. 


Our Responsibility

As I work with children and their parents I am constantly reminded of my responsibility towards them and their future. That’s why all my resources are available to all Teach First / Teach For … Fellows for free, so that children from all backgrounds can profit from them. Not all children are blessed by parents who can and choose to create the best learning environment for them, that is why I feel responsible to change that. If you would like my help but have financial difficulties to pay for it, please reach out and we will find a solution that works for you.

In order to preserve the future of our children and the planet please note that the green house gas emissions that are produced by running this site are set off on www.atmosfair.de and that a tree is planted for every phone consult I do. 

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