Congratulations! You have a schoolchild! Do you find that after a promising start at school, it suddenly has become hard? In this age group we try to keep learning as fun as possible.


There should be absolutely no pressure and we want to do everything to preserve the curiousness and creativity that every child brings into this world. This is a vital time in which we lay the base for life long learning.


Now is the time where assumptions about oneself are built. Suddenly someone gives you a grade and your parents start comparing these grades. Before you know it your child can make the subconscious decision that school and learning is too hard for them and give up.


We absolutely want to prevent that and I can show you how. 

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I am currently adding more and more resources to this site, on Instagram and on Facebook. Stay tuned for an all comprehensive online class soon. Until then you can book a phone consultation through the Contact form. 

Trust me, when you put energy into this problem,

things will change.